Image wearing a Bitamero T-shirt

Bitter melon means bitter melon, and it is called goya in Okinawa.
This word "Goya" is now used more than the word bitter melon, and it is used all over the country as a kind of common word.

Aiming to become a global standard by flying out of Okinawa to outside the prefecture like such a "goya",
The brand we launched is "bitter melon".


Photo of Bitamero in the palm of her hand

The mascot "bitter bear" is a new species of bear born from goya and bear.
It is characterized by a cute form that makes a small baby wearing diapers ask for a cuddle to mom.

The ears and soles of the feet are mokomoko like a gourd, and the best charm point is the yellow tail that is the color of the goya flower★
The fact that I don't seem to have any eyes is because I leave my personality and expression to the person who chose this child.

Please dye it to your colored bita bear.♪